Your rights



Treated with respect

Treat you, your family or carer with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Treat us, our volunteers and other clients with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Safe from abuse

Provide services in a safe environment without abuse, exploitation, discrimination, harassment or neglect.

Act in way that helps you both and others to be safe.

Access to services

Give you access to services that meet your needs where possible.

Explain any service refusals and offer alternate transport options if available.

Inform us of any special needs or requirements & when your needs change.

Pay any agreed fees and charges for services provided.

Quality services

Provide you with high quality services in a timely manner.

Ensure you receive comfortable and reliable transport.

Explain your transport options clearly.

Tell us when you cannot keep appointments.

Keep transport vehicles clean & tidy, removing any rubbish upon leaving.

Give information, which will help us meet your needs.

Actively participate

Include you in decisions about services planned for you.

Inform you of your right to an advocate to act on your behalf.

Assist you to change appointments or arrange other services if need be.

Provide information that is appropriate and necessary to help meet your needs.

Get information from others to help you with your choices.

Privacy and confidentiality

Respect your privacy and keep your personal information safe.

Respect your choice to revoke any consent given.

Consider allowing us to share your information for statistical purposes.


Inform you of the feedback process and respond to your feedback in a fair and timely way.

Be fair when raising any concerns and help us to resolve issues.

Not offer gifts, money or other favours to staff and volunteers.

You have the right to refuse a service and appeal any decision without fear of retribution.