Motorised mobility scooters improve mobility and independence for people who have difficulty when moving due to disability, illness or injury. They are also known as mobility scooters, motorised wheelchairs or ‘gophers’.


What the Law says

Under the Australian Road Rules, a person using a motorised wheelchair is classified as a pedestrian and:

  • Cannot travel at a speed greater than 10 km/h on level ground;
  • Must have an unladen weight of less than 110kg;
  • Can only travel on the road where a footpath is not available, is being repaired or is unsafe due to damage;
  • Must observe all the same road rules that apply to pedestrians;
  • Must only carry one person.

A motorised wheelchair can only be used if the person has a reasonable need due to their physical condition. A motorised wheelchair does not need to be registered and the rider does not need a licence to drive it. For further information view the Department for Planning Transport and Infrastructure website.



Road Service for mobility scooters

If you hold any level of RAA Road Service cover, you can call RAA for roadside assistance in the event your mobility scooter breaks down. A Patrol will be sent out, who'll attend to try and get you going again. Visit the RAA website for further details.