The Independent Living Centre (ILC) provides free information and advice on equipment, assistive technology and techniques to help people improve their quality of life and maintain their independence.

The Independent Living Centre is staffed by occupational therapists. Their services are available to everyone, including:

  • People with disability, injury or illness;
  • Carers;
  • Community groups;
  • Health professionals;
  • Organisations;
  • Students.

Assistive technology is a device or system that provides people with practical solutions to everyday life activities. Assistive technology can help people to:

  • Participate more fully in activities in their home, school, workplace and community;
  • Support Carers to care by assisting with showering, dressing, and eating;
  • Make mobility safer and easier;
  • Open jars and turn taps on and off;
  • Make computers easier to use and screens clearer to read;
  • Ensure personal safety by using personal alarm systems at home;
  • Make recreational activities much easier;
  • Plus countless other ideas.

If you require advice or assistance in choosing relevant AT products for your needs, please call our national ILC Infoline 1300 885 886 You will be connected to your local state/territory ILC for the cost of a local phone call. To visit the website click here.

Click here to browse by product topics is the best way to search for assistive technology products if you are not sure what is available or what you might find useful.